Multitool with Mini Tools, Knife, Pliers - Best Swiss Army Knife and Multi Tools Pliers - 11 Bits - Cool Utility Multi Function Tool - Good Multi-tool Kit for Camping and Backpacki


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Manufacturer : Grand Way
  • Lightweight Multi Tool with 24 FEATURES - pliers electrician wire cutter and stripper folding knife can and bottle opener metal file screwdrivers 11 bits with magnetic connector scraper and awl. It is a true multifunction utility tool.
  • Compact multifunction All Purpose Tool - for Camping Hiking Backpack Hunting & Fishing needs Outdoor & DIY Activities by carrying in a pocket tool box. It is easy to use as a car or bike repair tools pliers.
  • STAINLESS STEEL portable pocket multi tool with knife and screwdriver. Multitools with sheath All-locking features means that every tool will lock when fully opened.
  • Compact size and lightweight design makes it easy to keep all in one multi tool pocket knife in your pocket
  • Grand Way 2238 is a well-built pocket-sized ultralight multitool that provides an excellent ultralight multitool on of everyday tools and can be used while hiking, hunting, fishing, backpacking.

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