Your dog suffer from anxiety – «billy balance» will make your tailed buddy happy and less stressed due to anti-stress fast-acting organic components


No longer an issue – «billy balance» will help in such situations, it will reduce inflammations, arthritis and any other discomfort, which occur rather frequently


Solved troubles with sleeping – if your dog does not get enough sleep or suffering from sleep disturbance for various reasons, this remedy will provide healthy sleep and produce a calming effect


Decided bad coat quality – hair-related issues may be numerous from loss to skin diseases; the solution has been found; pet extract «billy balance» is sure to make your tailed friend`s coat shiny and healthy again


Choosing «billy balance» you get oil produced and grown in the usa, containing safe and natural ingredients, essential oils, omega 3, 6, & 9 and vitamin e


Everyday stress is an issue not just for people. Our tailed buddies can suffer from all types of stress caused by moving home, traveling issues, separation, and other reasons. The result can be really sad: dull and thinning coat, constant stress, troubles with sleeping, different kinds of ache needing relief. Sure, you do not want all this for your pet friend. 

Help your buddy overcome all the possible troubles including inflammatory diseases and losing composure. 

Regular pet medication can become a real issue when it comes to pets taking it. With our hemp oil it is no longer the case. Delicious beef's taste generally loved by all dogs, large or small. Any Cat will not ignore it either. Our product will become their favorite treats! The remedy with a sedative effect will solve major health-related problems such as poor hair quality, interrupted sleeping, pains of all kinds, stress, whatever the reasons might be. Arthritis and inflammations will not torture your buddy any longer. 

This remedy enhances pets`health, makes them calm. Your tailed buddy will be grateful for having such deep sleep, good appetite, and life energy. 

Still not convinced and need more solid reasons to buy? 

Here they are: 

better and deeper sleep;

effective help with anxiety and stress, inflammation and arthritis;

contains precious fatty acids omega 3, 6, 9 and vitamin e;

suitable for pets of all breeds (even for cats and ferrets);

your pet`s improved health condition is sure to convince you best of all to buy our hemp oil for pets;

this is a true first aid for your tailed friend; 

Buy our hemp oil for dogs and cats and provide a healthy future for your pet.


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