Sassito Acne Healing Patches 72 pcs – Hydrocolloid Patch for Pimples Treatment – Facial Stickers for Blemish and Inflamed Zits – Scar Remover with Calendula Oil and Tea Tree – For all Skin Types


OPTIMAL SOLUTION: Make your pimples vanish with Sassito acne healing patches! These super discrete stickers cover the pimple and absorb the impurities, accelerating the healing process, while feeling comfortable on your skin!

HYDROCOLLOID PATCHES: Our hydrocolloid patch has a direct action onto the skin, gently absorbing the pus and oil, while providing a safe and moist environment for your pimple to heal and calm down, reducing acne scaring risk. 

ENRICHED WITH NATURAL EXTRACTS: The acne scar treatment formula is enriched with natural extracts such as calendula oil and tea tree. These organic ingredients can help to speed the healing process and soothe the irritated skin and acne scarring. 

INVISIBLE WEAR: Sassito’s acne patches are designed to go unnoticed, so you won’t worry about people seeing the facial stickers. In this way, you can wear makeup with confidence, as the patches blend perfectly onto your skin tone. 

WHAT YOU GET: Our set includes 72 pimple patches for face in 2 different sizes. You will find 24 pieces of 12mm and 48 patches with 8mms diameter. The stickers have strong adhesion and are skin-friendly and non-toxic, designed for all skin types.



Sassito has made a mission to design and develop skincare products with only one purpose: to make your skin look healthy and gorgeous! We use only carefully selected ingredients and materials to make outstanding products that will help you solve acne issues and restore confidence in your appearance! 

Why Sassito acne patches?

Sassito acne patches are your solution to deal with uncomfortable acne scars, spots, blemish, and inflamed pimples. The hydrocolloid acne patches are infused with organic extracts such as calendula oil and tea tree, which absorb the harmful microorganisms and oil that create inflammation, calming, and soothing your skin, reducing the redness and irritation. These amazing patches are virtually invisible and go unnoticed even by the most curious eye. You can wear makeup with no worries, as the stickers blend perfectly onto the skin. Our pimple patches are non-toxic and skin-friendly, with a strong skin adhesion, protecting the popped zit, and offering a good healing environment.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Professional acne patches;
  • Hydrocolloid pimple patches;
  • Enriched with calendula oil and tea tree;
  • Reduce inflammation and redness;
  • Absorb pus and oil and flatten the pimple;
  • Can speed up the healing process;
  • Fast action effect;
  • Transparent patches;
  • Skin-friendly and non-toxic;
  • Suitable for all skin types and tones;
  • 2 sizes: 8mm, and 12mm;
  • The package includes 72 spot patches.


  1. Wash hands and clean the area around the pimple;
  2. Select the appropriate size and apply onto the spot;
  3. Leave the patch for a minimum of 5 hours up to 24 hours.

Heal your pimple and scars with our amazing acne patches!


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